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from Sources in Torah and Midrash:

There is a unique power to committing in writing our good intentions. 


R. Yehuoshua ben Levi says, “There are three times the Yidden did something below, and Hashem agreed from Above. 


One of those times was in the days of Ezra and Nechemia. After Galus Bavel, *the Yidden signed a document re-submitting themselves to Hashem’s Kingship.*


Rashi explains on this: ”We are writing on a scroll to accept His kingdom upon us... all the great men among us are signed on this ‘Sefer Kabolas HaMitzvos’”.


They put this signed document into the Heichal, and the next day they came in and found it signed from Above!!


They put their signatures and Hashem put His.


When Yidden initiated something from below at the end of golus, Hashem reciprocated.


Likewise, in Yeshaya, it speaks of *the Tshuva that will happen at the end of times.


“.... and this one shall write [with] his hand, ‘To the L-rd.’” 


Metzudas Dovid explains: “They will commit themselves to return to the L-rd, like one who commits himself in writing.”


We see from here, that there is a precedent in our history, as well as a Nevuah for the future, for signing a document. 


The Gemara says that something written down below (in this world) that is for the benefit of the Jewish people cannot be erased. Even if some accusing force negates it, Malach Gavriel comes and writes it again!


So too now, we stand at the end of golus, as we sign our commitment to strengthen our Emunah and yearning for Moshiach and accept a kabalah tova to increase in Torah and Mitzvos, we can be sure that Hashem will “place His signature” as well.

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