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Dear Fellow Jew,

Our holy books tells us that if all the Jewish people were to cry out for the Geulah together, Hashem would surely bring it immediately. In the past, geographic limitations made such a phenomenon impossible to achieve. In today’s day and age however, Hashem has blessed the world with technological wonders capable of transcending these limitations!


Our Sages’ taught that “All that G-d created in this world, He created only for His glory”. The very purpose of the resources in this world is that they be used in the service of G-d.” 


With this in mind, and spurred by recent events that have thrown the entire world into chaos and confusion, Jewish activists from across the globe have come together to organize a gargantuan prayer and awareness event of unprecedented proportion. 


We have toiled and labored, reached out to Rabbonim and gedolim, established a website, recruited Jewish influencers, established outreach principals in every region, and more.  


United for Geulah will feature chief rabbis from multiple countries, world-renowned rabbinical leaders, and inspirational speakers from all segments of Jewish society--Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Chasidic, and Litvish. 


But we cannot do this without your help. We are pouring resources into branding, electronic advertising (media, websites, etc.), promotional material (flyers, posters, etc.), administration, the venue itself, live entertainment (singers, chazzanim). The costs are astronomical.


Please help us make the Geulah a reality! We can do this—with your help! We can unite all the Jews around the world in a thunderous outcry and prayer that will reverberate through the Heavens and awaken the depths of G-d’s mercy!! 


Please contribute generously to bringing the Geulah now! Imagine the merit of one whose financial support turns the ultimate redemption into a physical reality!! May G-d bless you with all manner of blessing in body and spirit and a Kesiva vechasima tova~a very healthy happy year to you and yours!

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